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Busy Day At The Shop

Posted June 27, 2012

Well its a busy day at the shop today. We have a number of different projects going on. We have got someone pulling the motor out of a 1998 Toyota 4Runner to correct the very common head gasket problems. There is some front end body panel replacement on a 2007 Toyota Yaris that was involved in a collision and a timing chain replacement on a 1997 VW Passat VR6. On any given day here at the shop I never know what im going to see.


2012 Corvette Twin Turbo Install

Posted June 12, 2012

At the end of last week one of the cooler projects that I have seen came rolling into the shop. The guys had come down from LA to install a STS twin turbo kit into a brand spanking new 2012 Corvette. This car is by no means slow right off the showroom floor, but hey, if you can make something faster why wouldn’t you. The specs on this kit claim to bolt on an additional 200 HP! This was a pretty involved install that took 4 full days in the shop to complete. But the instructions included with the kit were fantastic and the components were top quality. Everything fit as expected and the install went together without a hitch. Check out some photos I shot of the install and this link to the STS website with a video of what this kit does. Man I wish I could afford one of these things!