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BMW 535i

Posted February 29, 2012

One of my favorite things about coming to the shop everyday is the opportunity to check out a vast array of different vehicles that people bring in. We have had a number of my favorite cars come through here. From old Ford Broncos, a variety of sports cars and brand new tricked out Jeeps I’ve seen just about all of my favorites at some point here. This little red 1988 BMW 535i is another. This is a car that Ive always wanted to own. Its in flawless condition to boot! Michael brought this car in to check out some strange braking and acceleration noises he was hearing. We quickly determined that the drive shaft center bearing was the likely culprit. He will be bringing the car back shortly to correct the issue. Check out some photos of yet another car that I hope to own one day.


Oldsmobile Cutlass Conversion

Posted February 28, 2012

This classic Oldsmobile Cutlass has been a drag car for years. Its impressively built with an alcohol burning nitrous injected big block thats good for about 650 horsepower. Its got all of the goodies including CO2 assisted shifting, Pro Cube controller and full MSD ignition. The owner of the car inherited it from his grandfather in its current form, and wants to turn it into a 1000 horsepower street car. To accomplish that goal he is making some mods to the engine to support nitrous injection as well as a supercharger. We yanked the motor and had it apart in no time. One of the local race engine builders stopped by and gave us an idea of what would be needed to make the desired amount of power. Next step is to order up some new pistons and send the two speed race tranny out for an overdrive upgrade. Ill keep putting up photos of this beautiful classic cars’ conversion.


BMW 325i Valve Cover Gasket

Posted February 14, 2012

This 2001 BMW 325i came into the shop this weekend needing a new valve cover gasket as well as some new plugs and ignition coils. The owner had been quoted over $900 for the job at the dealership. We got him set up with some tools and a workspace and were able to save him over $700 on the repair!