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AutoCross 240Z

Posted December 10, 2011

Chris picked up this beautiful 1972 240Z as a half finished project that someone needed to get rid of. The motor had already been fully rebuilt, brakes had been upgraded, suspension modified and a full roll cage installed. Chris had a bunch of little stuff to tend to like plumbing the fuel system, installing the exhaust mounting seats and some other little items. He has been working hard and hopes to race this car in the local AutoCross series. This little car looks like it is going to be an absolute blast on the race track! Check back as I upload photos of the progress leading up to the first race.


Bright Yellow Camaro

Posted December 09, 2011

Billy brought in this beautiful bright yellow 2010 Chevy Camaro to try to fix some headlight problems he was having. He had taken the car to a shop in Anaheim to have a HID headlight conversion and some LED Halo’s installed and got the car back only to find that his high beams no longer worked and that his left headlight occasionally went out. After putting the car in the air to gain access through the inner-fender splash guard, he found that the factory harness had been cut up and the shop had instead crimped on quick disconnects that were coming loose. After calling around for a bit trying to find factory pins to repair the damaged connectors we decided that installing some new weather pack connectors would be the best fix. Without the wiring diagrams, and a heavily modified stock wiring harness, it took a while but Billy eventually drove out of here with all lights working and much more secure connections. The HID’s are a great addition to this car and the Halo’s look great!


Moab Takes Its Toll

Posted December 07, 2011

Well we spent months rebuilding and getting the Polaris RZR ready for our annual trip to Moab UT. After all that work it was great to get it out on the trail to really break it in. I was excited to find that after all of the modifications it ran great! Maybe too well. We wasted no time wrecking the thing and will likely spend another month fixing everything AGAIN. These side by sides are a lot of fun!, but sure do take some work to get them back in shape after you get a little too crazy behind the steering wheel.