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32 Ford prepped for paint

Posted January 28, 2011

The DIY Crew tears into the 32 Ford Hot Rod Project to prep for paint. We jumped back into the 32 Ford Hot Rod project today in the hopes of getting her ready for spring! When we last put it away, all of the major fabrication on the Ford had been completed and the painless wiring harness was installed. We roughed in all of the gauges and made some decisions on the interior layout. Now its time to tear the car back down and start to prep for paint. Derek jumped in and began the time consuming process of tracking back each wire and removing the harness. The motor and tranny are coming out tomorrow! Check out the pics and follow along! This is going to be an amazing little car when its all done.


DIY Racing at Glen Helen

Posted January 11, 2011

The DIY Garage racing crew headed out to Glen Helen this past weekend for the Glen Helen Endurance race. This was a new course for us and it was definitely brutal. The truck classes were scheduled to run a two hour race with the UTV class following on the same course for a thirty minute race. We decided to “pre run” the track with the trucks before our heat. This turned out to be a bad idea. Not only does an endurance race test the strength of the driver but it also tests the strength of every part of the machine. We ended up only lasting through 15 minutes of our classes race. A broken rear bearing carrier, rear hub, and rear axle took us out of the race. We will be working hard this week to get the car back together for the upcoming race this weekend. Stop by to check out our progress!


DIY Christmas 4x4

Posted January 06, 2011

The DIY crew headed out to Corral Canyon once again to see if they could find some winter mud!

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